How This is Going to Go Down

(Before we get to the meat, here’s a little about me: I’m 29, recently married to the most amazing man in the world, and we’re expecting our first baby. We have two cats and consider ourselves to be pretty geeky. Trust me, you’ll get more details as the blog progresses.)

This is going to be a pretty standard blog. Let me say that right up front. I need a place to talk about weird, annoying, and awesome stuff that happens in my life, so this is where I’m going to do it. I’m probably going to talk about my wedding (and now marriage), my cats, my pregnancy, and anything else that happens to be floating around in my brain on any give day.

Here’s where I decided to branch out: I’m going to do a different Feature section every day of the week. This is something I’ve never done on a blog before, so it may take me a while to get in to the groove and get some really good content rolling. The daily breakdown is going to look like this:

Sunday  – Sh*t I Love. This will be something I currently can’t live without, be it a product, service, person or whatever. I’ll be giving all the reasons I love it, how I use it and anything else interesting I can think of. This is probably going to be one of the most random categories.

Monday – It’s Edible! Where have we eaten? What have we been cooking? Did we discover a fabulous new thing at the grocery store? I may even post some of my favourite recipes, because food this tasty should be shared.

Tuesday – Hey, Comics! Or manga or webcomics or graphic novels. You know, stories with pictures. Most people who aren’t in to comics go straight to super heroes when they think of comic books, but it’s so much more than that. This slot will be for what I’m reading, what I love and things you should check out.

Wednesday – We Watched… This is going to be exactly what it sounds like. We watched something, and I’m going to tell you about it, be it good, bad or somewhere in between. TV, movies and even YouTube will not be off limits.

Thursday – Local Jazz. We live in Edmonton, and, while some people may disagree, there is a lot to love about living here. This is going to high light some of our favourite places, businesses and things to do in the Festival City.

Friday – Games, Eh? We have a fair few consoles, are kind of steam junkies and are really starting to get in to board and table top gaming, so this will be the highlights of what we’re currently in to and why. 

Saturday – Reads. We read. Admittedly, we have a genre bias for fantasy, but occasionally other titles make their way on to our radar. Past and present reads, and why you should give them a go, will be covered here.

That’s going to cover it, I think. Regular posts will start tomorrow, and I’m going to try to update daily as best I can.