Hi there! My name is Bethany and I am married to an amazing man named Shawn. We now have our first son, Finn, and he is amaze-balls. I really mean that. He’s fantastic.

This blog is the brain child of many sleepless nights. Occasionally, insomnia is good for something. Usually, I have a lot floating around in my brain at the end of the day. Some of it has substance and some of it is rant-y and obnoxious. This blog is a great place to get it all out of my brain and in to the universe. A lot of it will have to do with being a wife and mom (or mum, as I usually spell it). Some of it won’t.

The “won’t” stuff is probably going to revolve around my love of geekery, my obsession with red lipstick and other “beauty” delights, and tidbits about the absolute fun of having a chronic illness. Sometimes it will be completely random, but that’s okay. Everyone likes surprises, right? (That’s a lie. I’m not fond of them)

Hopefully, I write about something you like and you keep on coming back. I always love comments, and if you have an idea for a topic you’d like to see me cover, let me know!



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