The New Year: a Summary

2013 was a pretty spectacular year for me, in spite of how it started out. The first bit if the year saw my illness relapsing to the point where work was no longer possible. I had to leave a job I loved and adjust to being at home full time again, and that is not an way thing. Luckily, with the support of my coworkers, family and (then) fiancé, I was able to make the best choice for myself and have been recovering ever since.

The first big even this year was our wedding, and if I could go back and live the day over again, I would. I’m one of those lucky brides who not only found the perfect man to spend the rest of my life with, but we had our wedding day go off without a hitch. Everything was perfect, and if there were any mishaps, our wedding planner and his team kept them from sight. Seeing our day come together just as we’d imagined it was a great feeling, and we got to share the day with some truly wonderful people.



Our honeymoon was a bit of a learning experience. The week in Florida (Wizarding World of Harry potter, anyone?) was great. We packed as much in to that time as we could before heading off on our cruise. The cruise bit is where it fell apart. We discovered, quite quickly, that we are not cruise people. The ship was fully booked and therefore crowded all the time. The food was below average, for the most part. I’ve come to think that a lot of American food just lacks seasoning, especially if it’s from a generic source. Neither of us liked that every single event scheduled for the day was announced throughout the ship. Then again, we are he not the types of people who need to have every second scheduled for us. I’m not saying we had a bad time (at least until the pregnancy sickness hit me), but it’s not something that either of us are interested in doing again.

When I first started getting sick on the ship, I was sure it was seasickness. We went to the steakhouse at the very top of the ship for dinner, and the sea was extremely rough. I had a hard time getting through my meal, even though it was one of the new things we’d eaten onboard. When I still felt like ass the next day, I thought it was food poisoning. When things didn’t settle down, I took a look at my calendar nd and began to suspect the truth. Odds are, I was pregnant.

One of the first things I did when we got home, aside from throw up some more and pass out in bed, was pee on the little stick. Even though I was mostly expecting it, I was shocked when the two pink lines appeared. Did we really manage to get it right in the first month of trying? That type of thing just never happens to me, and if I had not continued to be horribly sick for three months, it would have taken a long time for things to sink in.

Luckily, we got to see this very early on:

This was taken July 8, and it was the first look we got at the creature who would become the Little Man. I cried. Snore, I waited until the ultrasound tech was out of the room, but I still cried. I mean, there was a perfectly healthy Tiny Human in there, and I could actually see it. It was a pretty emotional day for both of us.

The next look we got at him came on September 11:

Finding out the gender of our baby was pretty great. I’m not one who likes to be surprised, and he made it very easy for us to tell what was going on in there. I think Shawn got more excited by this ultrasound than the last, as the next day he sent me a text saying, “How are my we and son doing?” Little things like that make my day. I couldn’t stop looking at the ultrasound photos. He looked like a real baby, not just a vaguely human shaped blob. It was spectacular.

Luckily, things in the Luke department settled down for me in the early second trimester. Everything else has been pretty crap, though. My restless leg syndrome, which was previously fairly predictable and easy to deal with, has become a nightmare. Between that and my inability to effectively deal with my warned chronic insomnia, I haven’t been getting much sleep for months. I’ve got a great waddle going on now, my hips and lower back are usually in some sort of distress, and my ankles, calves and fingers have finally started to swell. I’m one of those people who is not at all enamoured of being pregnant, regardless of now much I want a child.

The best part has been feeling the Little Man move around. Sure, he’s woken me up a few times, but it’s nice to have the reassurance that he’s in there and doing well. His kicks and punches have turned in to wiggles and jabs now that he’s running out of space. At 35 weeks today, that’s to be expected. Earlier, he kept pushing one foot out my left side, and I had a lot of fun poking at him and making him squirm. He’s still measuring a few weeks ahead, and I’ve decided that if he wants of I come early, that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

And, finally, his room is done. I still have a few decals to add, but the paint is complete (as is the paint in the kitchen), the main decals are up and the furniture is in place. H even has toys and books on his shelves! Once I get things a little more tidy in the here, I’ll be taking final pictures and doing a post on the entire process.

Our Christmas Day was pretty average, as none of us were really in the mood, but we were hosting a family dinner for fifteen anyway. The morning, however, spent with my parents and brother, was really nice, and I got a huge kick out of Shawn and my brother, Luc, sitting at the dining table and building Lego. Unfortunately, our video game session was interrupted by my grandparents arriving just as my mum was falling asleep, and the day went kind of sideways from there. I shouldn’t really complain. I’m very fortunate to have such a great family, and that is the most important thing during the holiday season.

That brings us to today, the very first day of the new year. It’s been pretty mellow, but nice none the less. Shawn has been happily playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the WiiU, which was a gift from my brother, and I’ve been dicking about finding comfortable ways to sit on the couch with him. Maybe I’ll even get up the energy to put the final touches in the new room.

May everyone have a great 2014, and remember: resolutions are for suckers. Live life the best way you know how, strive to be the best version of yourself, and things will work out. They always do.


2 thoughts on “The New Year: a Summary

  1. I loved reading this! Congrats on your little man. 🙂

    I really liked your quote “resolutions are for suckers. Live life the best way you know how, strive to be the best version of yourself, and things will work out. They always do.” So true!

    I cant imagine having morning sickness on a ship. Oh dear lord 😥


    • Thanks so much!

      The morning sickness at sea was horrible. Thank God for Cartoon Network and room service grilled cheese. It wasn’t such a great plane ride home, either, lol.

      As for the quote, that’s an original 😉 It came to me this morning. Pregnancy brain doesn’t screw everything over.


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