Having a Merry Christmas

I just wanted to of in quickly before my day gets too crazy to wish everyone a Merry Christmas (or joy in whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year). I’m quite looking forward to wearing on of my fabulous maternity dresses later on today, and I’m also hoping that my butt hasn’t expanded to the point where a form fitting dress no longer looks that great. I’m sure it will be fine, but imk not thrilled about showing off my newly swollen ankles and calves in flat shoes.

Our family has the same tradition every year: we go to church in the the evening, then drive to my grandparents house in the west end of the city to eat junk food and spend time together before going home to do our own things Christmas morning. This is the first year Shawn and I will be doing that as a married couple, and I keep getting asked if I’m excited about that. My answer is no. This is our fourth Christmas together, and nothing in our relationship has changed, so why would I be excited about having a married Christmas? I guess that goes back to my feelings on marriage: if you think your relationship is going to magically improve or change somehow once the wedding is over, you’re in for a shock. Our relationship was great, so why change or fix what isn’t broken? Christmas is going to be just as lovely for us as it is every year, if we don’t count the fact that I can’t eat as much or get in to a comfortable position without the aid of a horde of pillows.

I did restrain myself from getting the Little Man a gift to put under the tree. It seemed silly to wrap something that I would be opening, even if it would have just been a book. The plan is to head out over boxing week and grab the rest of his furniture and his stroller, so having a wrapped present for an unborn baby seemed a little ridiculous, even for me. Next year will be plenty of time to go nuts on the toys and books. I’ve been told that we should restrain ourselves, but Shawn and I love toys, and do books, and I think a kids first Christmas is just as much for the parents as it is for the little one.

But, that’s me getting ahead of myself. I would love to know what kinds of holiday traditions you guys have in your families, and now they came about. Have a great day tomorrow, whether you celebrate Christmas or not.


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