Belly Buttons, Braxton-Hicks, and the Beginning of the End

I now have no belly button. No, it hasn’t popped out yet, but it just I looks like a funny coloured and textured spot on my belly. It’s completely flat unless I decide to take a deep breath, in which case it pushes out a little. This, in turn, makes me think of all the creepy “people being infested by parasites” sci-if I’ve ever watched, and I just have to laugh at myself.  I truly am a ridiculous person, but it keeps things interesting. 

I’ honestly hoping my belly button stays flat and doesn’t pop out; something about outies really quicks me out, and while I know it would go back in, it’s not something I want to have to deal with. This may have something to do with the who awesome (and figure hugging) dresses I bought for Christmas and my birthday. Nothing would ruin a perfectly awesome dress like a belly button bump. I’m all about showcasing the belly, but I have limits.  Luckily, the stretch marks have kept at bay. This is a shock, as my butt is usually infested with them, whether I’m gaining or losing weight. I have one small verifies vein on the left side of my belly, and I have been assured that this will clear up after the Little Man arrives. 

Speaking of the Little Man, I’m starting to have serious concerns that he’s not going to like being swaddled. This suspicion arose when I first started having Braxton-Hicks contractions several weeks ago and he immediately began protesting. Whenever one crops up, especially a particularly strong one, he starts pushing back. It’s like he’s demanding that he get his space back because dammit all! He’s a growing boy and he needs his room! Part of me thinks it’s absolutely adorable, and the rest of me is hoping he’s going to let me wrap him up all smuggle and warm at least a few times. That was something I was really looking forward to. However, if he’s anything like his uncle, my brother, the reaction to the contractions is a clear indication that swaddling will not be tolerated. 

Now, the Braxton-Hicks themselves are a little strange. I got the first one, at let the first one that I noticed, when we were visiting my husband’s nana. This is probably why I seemed so antisocial: I was concentrating on this new and very odd sensation. When Shawn asked me to describe what it felt like, the best I could come up with was this: 

imagine you’re walking along, minding your own business, and suddenly your scrotum gets a huge chill and just does was a scrotum will do. It tightens up. This goes on for a bit, squeezing every now and then, the chill passes, and everything relaxes once more. 

this seemed to be a satisfactory example, especially when I got him to fell my belly as it was all going on. You can definitely feel how hard my uterus gets,and while it’s still a strange sensation, it’s certainly not bothersome. The more frequently it happens, the more my. Odd is working itself out and getting ready for the labour and birth process, and that is just fine by me. Anything that is going to make that experience easier is most welcome. 

On another note, I am now at thirty weeks, well ink to my third trimester. That is mind boggling. It still feels like we just got married, and here I am in the home stretch of my pregnancy. My next OB appointment is on Thursday, I have a breast feeding appointment at the obstetric medicine clinic on December ninth, and I’m off to see my neurologist on December seventeenth. Oh, we also have our prenatal class on December twenty-first. All of this is really making things hit home.

That sounds strange, even to me. I’ve been growing a person for almost seven months. He’s been kicking me since eighteen weeks. I know the Little Man is in there, but a whole range of other things are compiling to make this feel real. And, in spite of the real ness of it all, I am not emotional prepared to actually have a baby in my care at all. Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, Shawn feels exactly the same way. We wanted this. We planned this. We are so excited about thins, and we both are so in love with our son already. Still, my brain will not compute the fact that I am going to be a mother. I am going to be a mother in approximately ten weeks. 

We will both get there. I know we will. I think painting and finishing up the Little Man’s room will really help the whole process. The decals we wanted have been shipped and should be here by the middle of next month. Our paint colours are picked and we have a weekend all set to get that finished. W are also going to start planning the baby shower, which will probably turn in to a coed affair in combination with my thirtieth birthday. Overall, there is a lot going on, and it should be enough to distract me from the occasional bouts of new mum terror I’ve been having. I’ll let you know how that turns out. 

As you probably guessed by the frequency of my posts, I’m still not sleeping. I’m hoping my neurologist has some suggestions for what to do to combat the worsened restless leg syndrome. I’ve already added extra calcium in to my diet as my on suggested, and I don’t eat carb loaded snacks before bed anymore, but neither of those things have seemed to help a great deal. I also think a big part of the problem now is that my sleep schedule has become so reversed that I’m having a hard time getting it back to something even remotely resembling normal. I tried to go to bed at a decent time tonight (I felt like I was ready to pass out), but I started overheating and my left leg started twitching as soon as the rest of me started to relax. Hence, I’m sitting here writing this post and trying desperately not to give in to my craving for food. I really do need to make an effort to write here more often as it’s make great way to clear the brain of all the random crap that has a tendency to accumulate.

is anyone else experiencing new, or worsening, RLS? What are you doing to help with the situation, and what is working best? I’m willing to try anything as long as it’s safe for baby.

*DISCLAIMER* I have been writing these posts non my iPad! and the editing capabilities are not the greatest. So, if you see small typos or errors, it’s not me, I swear. The next time I actually get around to turning on my laptop, I am going to fix them, both for my sanity and yours. 


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