Buying A Crib and Some TMI

There are certain things about having a baby that I didn’t think would have a huge effect on me. Buying a crib was one of them. However, when Shawn and I were out at the store, actually picking a crib and mattress combination, with the paint chips for the Little Man’s room in hand, I got very emotional. Sure, I’m stuffed to the gills with hormones, but just the thought that in less than 18 weeks, there will be a little person to occupy said crib, gets me all choked up.

My mum and I went out and looked at baby furniture and the like, but the actual act of going, with my husband, and making a purchase, was a little overwhelming. This is the bed that our son is going to spend his first few years in, and there’s something really special about that. I wanted to rush home and put it together so I could just have it to stare at whenever the mood struck me, but it needs to stay in the box until the painting is done and the decals are up, at the very least.

I know a fair few people who spent a lot of money on their cribs. They’re fancy, decorated, and convert not only to a toddler bed, but to a double bed frame somewhere down the line. To us, picking something like this didn’t make any sense. If we have another baby, we’re going to want to use the crib again, not have it in use as the older child’s bed. We only had a few criteria when we were picking something out: it had to be safe, convert to a toddler bed if we needed it to, and look decent. That’s it. We ended up getting exactly what we wanted at Ikea for $69. The mattress, which we want to last a good long time, was $119.

(Take a look at the crib Here and the mattress Here)

Compared to some set-ups I looked at that were over $1000, I’d say we did pretty good. Most of our furniture, admittedly, is from Ikea, and we’ve never had any problems with it. Hell, the mattress on the spare bed is the same one I got in grade ten (think the end of 1999), and it’s still perfectly comfortable. I’m all about making things look good and having stuff you like, but if I don’t have to spend a million dollar on it, all the better. Ikea is also really good at solutions for small spaces, and that is something we definitely need.

We’ve also been continuing the purge by getting rid of a cream love seat that just took up too much space and replacing it with a much needed bookshelf. My goal for the end of the week is to have most, if not all, of our books in the same room. I don’t like having the library spread out all over the house. We also have a lot of knick knacks (read, action figures and Lego) that could use more space, so this will really help.

I feel like I’ve started looking way more pregnant all of a sudden, too. I know I was showing before, but the Little Man is definitely growing. I have an old scar from a regrettable belly button piercing, and it’s getting so stretched out that it’s started to itch. I need to slather my belly with lotion at least twice a day to keep it from driving me nuts. I also got a new sports bra to supplement my poor, over worked nursing bra. It’s super comfortable and doesn’t give me uniboob, so that’s a bonus.

I don’t remember if I’ve posted this story or not, so I’ll do it again. I’ve been waking up with boob leakage if I sleep with my boobs free, and one night I woke up with my older cat licking breast milk off my arm. Not only was it really creepy and weird, it gave me a very good reason to start sleeping in a shelf bar or tight tank top (if there’s containment and minimal stimulation, there’s no leakage). The cat, for a few days, thought that the milk finding was a fluke, but apparently she’s discovered where it’s coming from. Every morning for the last few days, she’s climbed in to bed with me and nuzzled my chest. I think she can smell it, so I’m going to have to be really careful to avoid exposing my boobs to her when I’m asleep. Yes, that’s very odd, but she’s one of those obsessive cats that kneads and sucks on anything soft, so I have a suspicion that she was weaned way too early, and that she just can’t help investigating the possibility of a readily available milk supply. I know, that doesn’t make it any less weird.

Now, hopefully the sight of the unbuilt crib leaning up against the wall across from the spare bed (where I spend many sleepless nights) won’t cause me to get all weepy and be even less able to sleep. I’ll let you guys know how that goes.


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