On Being Lazy

Today just felt like a lazy day to me. When I got up this morning, Shawn was on the couch, sound asleep. He didn’t really have a hugely early day this morning, but he did stay up a little later than he should have playing Torchlight II last night. I didn’t want to disturb his nap, so I spent about half an hour sitting on the floor and making Odie purr. If that cat realizes that he has your undivided attention for the purposes of petting and scratching his chin, he’s putty in your hands. It’s adorable. He just flopped over at my feet and purred away while I rubbed his belly and scratched his ears. It was actually a very nice start to my day.

When I was done pleasing His Majesty, it was on to breakfast and PC gaming. Shawn woke up right before I put my headphones in, so we have spent most of the day dicking about with our various Torchlight II characters. He was spending some time on his Hardcore Engineer (who unfortunately died right before he had to go back to work), and I managed to squeeze seven levels out of my Outlander. Are there other things I could have been doing today? Absolutely. But sitting on my ass and playing games with my husband seemed like the better option. It’s a great way to spend time together and do our own thing at the same time, especially if we’re not actually in a game together (although when I play alone, I do miss having his character as a tank.)

Gaming is a great way to relax and blow off some steam. I love creating a character with just the right combination of weapons and skills so that when I’m fighting enemies, they just explode in to a puddle of blood and a few chunks of meat. It’s so satisfying. I do have a complaint with this game, and that would be the proliferation of spiders in different sizes and types that I’m forced to kill. Yes, killing them is good, but as someone who has always hated spiders in any form, I wish they weren’t in the game at all. I also realize that finding a good action RPG that doesn’t contain spiders is going to be damn near impossible, so I’ve just taken to whining about how gross and unnecessary it is the whole way through. (You can imagine that I’ll never feed my pet a spider egg. I like Pancakes as a badger, thank you very much.)

The rest of my day will probably consist of browsing through Netflix, having a nap, reading to the Tiny Human, and probably playing more Torchlight at some point. We did get our fabulous Thank-you cards in the mail from Wedding Paper Divas today, so I’ll need to get a start on those at some point, but that seems like a job for the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. Right now, I just want to do whatever I feel like doing, and screw everything else. It’s the kind of day for that.

On an unrelated note, two more sleeps until the ultrasound! I’m so excited!!


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