On Cleaning Up and Getting Kicked

We finished the main purge of the storage room today, and it felt really good. There was crap in there that got moved from my parents’ old house that I haven’t looked at in years. Diaries going back to 1996? No thank you. That is something that never needs to see the light of day again. English assignments from grade four all the way up to university? Again, there may be some good stuff in there, but the junior high days were full of a lot of dark, depressed poetry and emo bullshit. No one needs to be exposed to that either.

Shawn found a folder full of elementary school report cards and newsletters. That seems like something we need. I’m pretty sure it got left with him when his parents moved to BC, but that’s definitely something he has no interest in hanging on to. I’m pretty sure my mum got rid of most of our report cards when they were packing to move. It’s okay to hang on to that stuff for a while. It’s got sentimental value for a certain period of time, but it’s not something we’re ever interested in sharing with our kids. I know I don’t really care about what kind of grades my parents got in school, at any point. Our kids are themselves, they’re not us, and the comparison doesn’t need to be made. (Shawn hung on to the folder on the off-chance his mom wants them back. I’m hoping we can just toss them with the rest of the stuff we don’t want anymore.)

We did find both of our high school diplomas. There is physical proof that we’re not complete idiots! Huzzah! We kept those, but that’s two piece of paper out of… I’m going to guess thousands. We have a bunch of recycling in boxes because I’m pretty sure that a recycling bag wouldn’t be able to take the weight of all the paper.

We’re also recycling a bunch of empty CD cases. we went through all the old computer stuff and made up a box to take to the ecostation (the evil, horrible old paper shredder got put with that lot. It still works, but I wouldn’t wish that thing on anyone. It’s horrible, and needs to be put to death.) I’m not sure how many boxes we emptied in total, but there is more than enough room for anything that we’ll need to move out of the spare room in anticipation of the Tiny Human.

I’ve decided on a timeline for getting that room cleared out and painted. I want to have it done before it snows, so if we need to open the windows, we won’t freeze to death. Now, in Alberta, “before it snows” has a bit of a different meaning than it does other places. When I say it, I mean, “before it snows and doesn’t completely melt again.” We might get an early snow that doesn’t stick, and that doesn’t count. Once the snow decides to stay, then it’s on. This could be anywhere between now and Christmas. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

The Tiny Human has been making it’s presence known on a more regular basis. Before, I was just feeling the tumbling and kicking on the inside. I can now feel the kicks externally. I usually have to keep my hands on my belly to notice that, but every once in a while, it will give me a good boot that I can feel no matter what I’m doing. Shawn has tried to feel what’s going on when it’s being the most active, but either we have a really ornery kid (that wouldn’t be a shock; it would come by it honestly, from both sides) or, the more likely explanation, Shawn’s hands are too warm. Every time he puts his hand on my belly, the baby slows it down and stops moving until he takes it off. I get that. The warmth he puts out is very relaxing, very comforting. I’m hoping he can keep the baby soothing magic up after the Tiny Human is born. That will come in really handy.

I’m starting to get really excited for Wednesday. I can’t wait to get a look at the progress the Tiny Human has made since the beginning of July. I can feel the difference, but I want to be able to see it. I also hope we’ll be able to find out the sex, so “Tiny Human” can become an actual name. We have both our boy and girl names picked out, and have for over a year. Shawn came up with three of the four while driving at work. I have no problems giving him the credit. He did a great job. I like both the names, but I think at this point I’m partial to our choice for a girl. The story behind it is adorable. If the Tiny Human turns out to be a girl, I’ll tell you all about it.

Three more sleeps!


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