Shopping in the Rain and Family Time

My brother came over today to help us relocate our treadmill to his house. It has been occupying the room that we’re turning in to a bedroom for the Tiny Human, and we just don’t have anywhere for it to go. My little brother, on the other hand, has a fully functional training gym in his basement, but it was lacking a treadmill. Giving it to him and being able to go over and use it whenever we want seemed like a lot less work than trying to sell the damn thing.

Between Shawn, Firs (which is my nickname for my brother, don’t ask, it’s a long story) and my dad, they had more than enough man power to get the thing in the truck and to my brother’s house. Mum and I could have tagged along, but there was really no point. Besides, it was raining and my brother’s house (formerly my house) is always cold. We decided to run some errands instead.

There were a few boxes that had to be taken to the Goodwill donation centre, mostly of wedding gifts we had no use for and couldn’t exchange and things we just didn’t need anymore. We also had a few questions for the people there about what kinds of things they accept, as furniture will need to be donated as the spare room gets converted in to the Tiny Human’s new space. With that done, it was on to Home Sense to try an locate a picture of the Eiffel Tower that my mum had her eye on, but that we’d seen at a different location.

Alas, the particular picture we were seeking wasn’t there. We found a few others that had some potential, and a few nice gliders and pieces that would work really well in my house, but after over an hour of wandering around, we left empty handed. Nothing was really reaching out and grabbing us (aside from furniture pieces that just aren’t in my budget right now). The party moved down the strip to the maternity store.

I decided to give Thyme Maternity another chance. The one Kingsway Mall was horrible, but perhaps a free-standing store would be a better option. Not only was the store we were visiting bigger, but the stand alone stores tend to have really good sales. When we walked in, I wasn’t giving much hope to the service. The only girl working was on a personal phone call behind the counter and didn’t look up or acknowledge us in any way. This is a huge pet peeve. I was on a mission, though, and decided to keep looking through the store. The selection here seemed miles above what I had seem at the previous location, and while the prices for regular stock were still high compared to Motherhood, there was an enormous sale section in the back. This warranted some exploration.

Everything in the clearance section was 50-70% off the regular price, with an additional 50% off the last marked price. If I didn’t find something in there that I liked, I would have been seriously disappointed. Luckily, though I still grabbed a few misses, I walked away with a new pair of jeans, two sweaters and a denim tulip skirt for $48.00. That’s right, less than fifty bucks for four pieces I can mix and match with almost everything I already own. I added up the original retail value of the items when we got home, and the total came to $232.00! I got a short sleeved red sweater for $3.50, down from $55.00. I must say, I don’t always go hunting for a deal, but I won’t pass one up when it slaps me in the face like that. The original mission of getting a pair of black leggings was a failure, but I’m not going to complain about that when I came away with so many other fabulous things.

The other sweater is long, dark blue with mauve-ish stripes and 3/4 sleeves. I love the way it looks, but it definitely makes my bump pop out. There is no mistaking that I’m growing another person when I have that sweater on, and I love it. I’m not one of those women who is going to spend my entire pregnancy in loose, baggy clothes, trying to hide my bump. I love the way I look with it, and I have no problem flaunting it for everyone to see.

We did end up heading back to the original Home Sense location where we found the other picture. It was an essential purchase for my mum, who loves Paris (as does my dad) and enjoys accenting her house with tasteful pictures of the city, some of which they took on their last trip there. By the time we grabbed the picture and I talked myself out of buying the Tiny Human an owl costume for Halloween next year, the rain wasn’t just misting or gently falling anymore; it was falling in earnest. That was a clear sign (aside from the fact that I was hungry) that it was time to head home.

My dad made a fabulous dinner for the five of us using his new smoker. The two chickens he put in with the maple chips were delicious, and the leftovers are going to make amazing sandwiches tomorrow. Combine that with the tender potatoes he does so well, and the fresh chocolate chip cookies he baked up for dessert, and it was a hell of a meal. We ate 1.5 of the chickens, all the potatoes (and corn), and polished off the full 2.5 dozen cookies by the time our game of Cards Against Humanity was half way through.

The day started out crappily, with a weather induced migraine having plagued me for most of the morning and the previous two days, but the right combination of drugs and distraction has managed to make it go away. Finally. The day was really great, and I’m actually looking forward to starting the purge of the storage room tomorrow. It’s going to be just as good of a day tomorrow. I can feel it. It must be the new jeans the fact that I’m full of cookies.


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