Local Jazz! Duchess Bake Shop!

Ah, baked goods. Who doesn’t love going in to a quaint bakery, staring longingly in to the glass display cases and carefully selecting a mouthwatering treat? I know I do, and Duchess Bake Shop is the perfect Edmonton spot to do just that. I’ve never had anything here that I didn’t love, from cakes and cookies to the meticulously crafted macarons (salted caramel, anyone?)

The atmosphere is quaint, with bright walls and a selection of mismatched tables an chairs to lure the guests. The one downside is that it’s usually always busy, but what do you expect? It has a reputation for being one of the best bake shops in the city, and that reputation is well deserved.

Aside from the salted caramel macarons, I would highly recommend the Duke cake (layers of rich chocolate cake, caramel and chocolate ganache) and the pain au chocolat (in which the pastry is perfectly flaky and buttery and the chocolate is just enough to be delicious without being too much for a morning treat).

Stop in earlier in the day to get the best selection, or pre-order if you’re looking for something specific for an occasion. They also do sandwiches, soups and salads for lunch. Check the website for the current selections and for any monthly flavours. This is a must-go here in Edmonton, and is somewhere I strive to take anyone who is visiting us from out of town. If I can’t take the guests to them, I take them to my guests. Everyone deserves to have a sweet treat!


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