Torchlight II: A Review

Anyone familiar with the original two Diablo games should be familiar with Torchlight. I played the first one, and now the husband and I are playing the second one together. I love it, and there are a few reasons why.

It’s an action RPG by Runic Games. That sentence should stand by itself. I love ARPG games, and Runic does an excellent job with this franchise. The art is gorgeous, the environments (including the randomly generated dungeons) are well done, and the soundtrack and game sounds are not annoying. This is a big thing for me. A game can be amazing, but if there happens to be an aspect of the sound that doesn’t agree with me, I tend not to play.

The characters have a fairly wide range of customization, which can be good and bad. I can spend a long time building and naming a character for a new game, and if I have to choose and name a pet? Forget it. I’ll be at it forever. I happened to get lucky when naming the badger I have to go along with my female Outlander: the random name generator gave me Pancakes, and I thought it was the perfect choice for a highly violent, yet adorable, sidekick.

Torchlight II, unlike it’s predecessor, features online and local co-op. This gives you the ability to find and join a random game, play with friend on the interwebs, or do like we do, and play over a LAN connection. I really enjoyed barreling through the first game by myself, but I really like being able to hop on with Shawn and let him take on all the tank duties while my Embermage blasts stuff from a distance (or runs in an smashes things with a Magma Mace. My magic wielder isn’t opposed to a little melee action from time to time.) Multi-player matches can host up to six players, and the loot drops are separate for everyone who’s playing, so there’s no fighting over who gets the good gear. it’s also really easy to trade items back and forth if you happen to pick up something you can’t use, but someone in your party can.

Pet’s still have the ability to take the junk you don’t need back to town to sell, but they can now pick up simple things for you like potions and scrolls. I’ve never needed to use this feature, as I tend to find more potions than I need from chests/urns/crates. It will probably come in handy once I get farther along.

Are you liking the game but need something more? Check out Steam for a bunch of mods, including some awesome pet skins that can change the panda in to a huge red panda. Who wouldn’t want that?

This game earns a 9/10 from me. The classes are easy to learn, the skill trees offer tons of different ways to build your characters, and game play in both single and co-op play is a blast. I’m going to be at this game for a while. I only have an Outlander and an Embermage at the moment, but there are two more classes to build, and I intend to try them both. My Berserker may have to be male, though, as the females are a little on the scary side.


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