On Doing My Own Hair and Other Things

I have a really great stylist. Julia works at Flaunt Salon, and is a mater with my bangs and with my colour. She managed to get my blonde bits in just the right place the first time, no adjustment needed. And, as luck would have it, she’s great with pin up hair. It’s hard to find someone who knows how to do a good Bettie Page bang. Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to make it out to see her since before the wedding. I’m going to fully blame my pregnancy on that. I find making, and trusting myself to keep, appointments really dodgy right now, so I’ve been avoiding it for anything other than the doctor. The doctor will understand if I have a blaring migraine, or if I have to leave the room to throw up. Most other people aren’t so forgiving.

Yesterday, I decided that my bangs were getting out of control. I was side sweeping them, but they weren’t really the right shape to be able to pull that off, never mind if I slept on them or forgot to straighten. I have cut my own bangs before, with varying degrees of success, and I decided just to go for it. If I really messed things up, I would make a solid effort to go in and get the pro to do it.

I also decided that, as much as I wasn’t going to colour my hair for a good long while, that I can’t stand my grey hair. There is far too much of it, and when it starts creeping down in to my bangs, it makes me mental. Colouring at home meant sacrificing my blonde pieces, but that was something I was willing to live with. Today, after taking Shawn to work, I went and got a couple boxes of Garnier Nutrisse Mousse in #41M, Iced Mahogany Dark Brown. I prefer mousse colour to cream because it’s easier to do by myself, especially seeing as I have so much hair. I generally prefer the John Frieda variety, but the choice for browns just isn’t there. There were a lot of choices when I was still going red, but for brown, the best selection was with Garnier.

The results turned out really well. I used 1.5 boxes to get the colours to come out right. I probably could have done it with one, but I wanted to make sure the blonde areas got extra saturation. Some of them are still a little on the light side, but I’m okay with that. Even my bangs look fine. I spend $25 to do an average job on myself, which is a lot less than I would pay to get the whole she-bang done at the salon. The salon does a way better job, absolutely, but a) it’s not in the budget and b) I need to save my energy for other things.

Luckily, my migraine from yesterday decided not to follow me in to today. We have been having intermittent rain and thunder all day, so this is a bit surprising. Maybe the pain from yesterday was due to the storm coming in and the resulting pressure change. Who knows. The important thing is that I manages to get a fair bit accomplished today, including dinner. I’m going to admit here that dinner was only two boxes of Kraft Dinner, but that’s what the husband wanted, and I wasn’t going to complain. I’m not opposed to dinner out of a box every now and then.

Last for today, here are the photos of the awesome stuff I snagged at Old Navy yesterday, as promised:

photo (53)


The wrap dress, in a fabulous dark blue with purple undertones, accented with fuchsia birds (they look like doves to me, but we’ll just call them birds.) The material is so soft, and with the adjustable tie waist, this is a dress that’s going to last me a long time. It should grow with my belly and shrink with my after the Tiny Human is born.

photo (54)


The top, navy on royal blue. It looks really shapeless on the hanger, and I honestly wasn’t expecting to like it when I put it on. I basically grabbed it because it looked belly friendly and I liked the colour. The elastic bottom hits just below my hips, allowing the fabric on top to drape really nicely across my body. It’s not fitted, at all, but it looks great with skinny pants and, again, will last until the arrival of the Tiny Human. This one is also really soft. We like soft.

Both pieces cost around $56, which includes tax, and neither item was on sale. For anyone looking to get their stuff online, I bought smalls in both items, and I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant, 136 pounds, 5’2″, and my current maternity bra is a 36D (although I have room to grow in it). Like I mentioned yesterday, I didn’t have huge success in the maternity department at Old Navy, but these regular pieces are going to do me just fine I suggest you take a look.


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