Backyards, Shopping and a Trip to Migraineland

Note: This post is for Tuesday, August 27. For some reason, the finished version didn’t publish, so I’m redoing it and putting it up today. Blergh.


Our yard finally has a fence! Yay! That means its pretty much done, so most of what we have to do with it is sit on the huge deck and enjoy the view. were cats were a bit disconcerted when I took them out this afternoon. Odie spent several minutes prowling around the fence, checking it out. Milo was terrified of the gate when she first saw it, but calmed down when it opened and she saw the same old yard on the other side. I feel a lot better about having the, out there with the fence up. It’s not like I don’t trust the neighbours, but I don’t always trust the cats not to slip their harnesses And wander off.

The whole yard feels gorgeous. Th vinyl deck and fence, the plants, the gazebo and even the shed just make it feel like an oasis. It’s not the biggest yard in the world, but it doesn’t need to be. Mum has all the plants she wAnts, we have space for our little garden next year, nd there is plenty of room for the baby to play and grow. Is perfect.

I also went out to run some very important errands today. The ninth season of Grey’s Anatomy came out, so I had to go and get it. I actually just finished the first episode, and I’m crying. It’s sad. Good, but sad.

After I went to Best Buy, I decided to stop at Old Navy and check the maternity department. To say it was disappointing wild be an understatement. The goods were pretty standard: side ruched tees and tanks, jeans, leggings, and a few sun dresses. I grabbed a few pairs of jeans to try on, along with a tee in a fun colour, and headed to the fitting room. The jeans are really awkwardly sized. If the denim part fit properly, the belly band was too tight. To get the band to fit correctly, and have enough room to last me for the rest of my pregnancy, the jeans were way too big. I think part of the problem was that they lacked stretch in the belly band and the bands themselves didn’t have stretch seams. There was a pair that I would have bought, but  I didn’t feel like buying something I would outgrow in a few weeks. The tee was cute, and well priced at $16.95, but I decided it was too boring.

Before I left, I took another stroll in the “regular” section of the store and managed to grab two really cute things: a navy wrap dress with fuchsia birds, and a flowy blur top with a floral print. The top has lots of room to grow and a nice stretchy bottom, and both pieces will last me until the Tiny Human is born and well afterwards. That’s what I like: versatility. I didn’t manage to get some pictures today, but I’ll snap some and include them in tomorrow’s post.

Now, unfortunately, I’m travelling farther and farther in to Migraineland. I don’t know what’s causing it, and that doesn’t really matter. I’ve downed two Tylenol, and I have my heat bag on stand by. Most of the day was good, so getting a migraine at night is not a huge deal. Crappy, yes, but I can deal with it. I do hope that I manage to get rid of it by tomorrow, as I have cleaning to do. The long weekend is coming up, and we have people coming over both days. Our friends from Leduc are coming on Saturday with their baby (I’m making a killer mac and cheese that will be featured on Monday, so watch for that), and my aunt and uncle from Camrose are visiting on Sunday. The house needs to be cleaned.

I’ve been breaking down the cleaning in to smaller bites. I find that it’s easier to manage this way than if I try and do it all at once. Sure, I can power through it, but I usually pay for it over the next few days. Shawn has been really helpful whenever I need him, and he’s taken on a lot of the nasty tasks that I can’t do right now. He cleans the cat litter, any cat sick that happens to crop up, any cleaning that requires harsh chemicals, and he’s taken over all the wet food feedings, as the smell is guarenteed to make me vomit. I’m very lucky to have a husband that is so willing to do whatever I need him to. I know not everyone has that in their life, so I feel blessed.

We’ve also decided to pick one task a week to get ready for the arrival of the Tiny Human. Breaking things down, once again, makes it more manageable, and I don’t want Shawn getting burned out from feeling like he has something to do all the time. He’s still working stupid early in the morning, and with all the other help I’ve been getting from him, I have a small amount of guilt when I remind him that we have to clear out the spare room, the storage room and make several trips to Goodwill. I know he’ll helps me do it, but I also know that he needs his down time (as do we all). We’ll get it done, it’s just a matter of setting aside the time and doing it.

Now, I think I’m going to go back to the couch. It’s calling me, and my head doesn’t feel like looking at the computer screen any more. Goodnight.


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