Being Tired

Shawn is getting burnt out and grumpy, and there is nothing I can do about it. I hate that, not because it’s annoying or he’s being grumpy at me, but because he’s having a bad time and there’s really nothing I can do to help. He’s a bus driver with the City of Edmonton, and he’s currently working on “spare board”. This means he doesn’t know what he’ll be working until the day before, has no consistent schedule and his days off have been very erratic. He gets two days off a week, obviously, but they haven’t been the same two days two weeks in a row for a while.

With my mood and energy levels being so all over the place, it really hasn’t made for a super fun time lately. He doesn’t know what he can do for me (or so he says, but he’s been doing everything he can, and I appreciate it immensely), and I certainly have no idea what I can do for him. I try to make sure he goes to bed on time, I don’t harass him when he’s playing League of Legends for hours on end, and I haven’t brought up the fact that we need to start clearing out the spare room and storage room in a while. He just needs some down time.

I was a little miffed when I didn’t get my requisitioned back rub last night, but he went on at length about how he feels terrible that he’s been so grumpy. I think we’re both just tired and don’t know what to do with ourselves half the time. We were going to go out for dinner last night, but when I went to pick him up for work, I could tell that he was just done for the day. I wasn’t upset. I had taken myself to the mall early so I could have a wander and get a walk in amongst the air-conditioning. I keep forgetting that it’s “back to school” season and all the malls are over run with people, all the time.

I did manage to get hit on by a very creepy guy who’s “so in to pregnant chicks”. That was very disturbing. He asked where my boyfriend was at, and when I said I was picking my husband up from work in 15 minutes, that didn’t deter him at all. I called him gross and walked away. I also had an 8-year-old girl in Old Navy shopping with her mom loudly declare that I was too fat to be wearing such tight clothes. I’m going to point out that I was browsing the maternity section at the time. Her mom thought the whole thing was hilarious, and didn’t tell her daughter she was being rude. I only needed one guess to figure out where the daughter got it from. Over all, it was a standard solo trip to West Edmonton Mall.

(Side note, the maternity section at Old Navy was very standard. It was basically their regular stuff adapted for baby bumps. I didn’t buy anything.)

I have one more post to do, and then I’m going for a nap. The weather is making my head hurt.


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