Having a Nice, Normal Day

Today was awesome. We didn’t do a whole lot, but it was the closest I’ve felt to normal since this whole pregnancy thing happened, and it felt amazing. Was I tired? Yes. Did that stop me from having a great day with my awesome husband? No.

The original plan was to take a trip down to The Fringe Festival and catch a show. However, being the super-prepared people that we are, we didn’t check any show times before hand, and most things started a little too late for us (Shawn has to be at work at 515 am. Yuck!) So, instead of that, we headed to the west end to have breakfast at our favourite diner, Rockin’ Robyn’s. This adorable little 50s inspired diner has the best eggs I’ve ever had. They also serve up delicious portions of bacon, sausage and home-made goodness like pies and soups. This is one place you need to eat if you come to Edmonton and you like simple, delicious food for a great price.

It was the lunch rush, so we waited a few minutes for a table, which wasn’t a big deal. What was a big deal was the two creepy guys who started staring at us the moment we walked in and pretty much didn’t stop until we left. I’m not sure what the deal was, but Shawn kept telling me to just switch sides of the table. I refused, saying I’d rather keep an eye on them than have my back to them. Juvenile, I know, but it was making me a little uncomfortable. The food was, as usual, fabulous and in large portions. We left with full tummies and a large desire to return in the future.

We also decided to walk across the parking lot the registry and get my name changed on both my driver’s license and my Alberta Health Care card. We got our official Certificate of Marriage a while back, and just hadn’t had time to get the rest of it done. Now, I suppose, it’s officially official. I have a new name and will soon have all the documentation to prove it. Now I just have to get it changed at the bank, all my doctors, and every where else that has my name on file. That is going to be a long and complicated process.

We also decided to take a trip downtown to Happy Harbor Comics to pick up a few issues we were missing and just putz about until our showing of “Despicable Me 2” at 350. We browsed for a respectable length of time, picking up new issues of “Fiona and Cake“, “Saga” and “Bravest Warriors“.

We also got a new board game, “Super Dungeon Explore” that plays like an old school dungeon crawler, except on table top and not on a console or PC. We haven’t had a chance to play it yet. There are a ton of miniatures to put together (and eventually paint), as well as a huge instruction manual to go through. We started on the miniatures today (They look like old school video game sprites! Think Final Fantasy!), and I’m going to keep going with that tomorrow between loads of laundry. My dad lent us this wicked instant bonding glue and activator that is making the process so much quicker than it would be with regular model glue, but there is a downside: if you don’t position things exactly right before mating two pieces, you’re screwed. This stuff is industrial. So, sadly, our dragon has one wonky wing that I’m sure I can hide with a decent paint job.

Coming home after the movie, watching Battlestar Galactica on Netflix and making dinner was the perfect cap to a lovely day. Sometimes, it’s nice to just revel in the simple things: geeking out, geeking out with my husband (I love watching him get excited about new games), making good food and then eating it. It’s all good.


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