Silverwing: A Book Review

I never thought that a book about a runty little bat would be able to capture my attention, but “Silverwing” by Kennel Oppel proved me wrong. This is a young readers book with a much broader audience potential and a great story.

The gist is this: As his colony’s runt, Shade, a young Silverwing bat, is determined to prove himself on the long, treacherous migration south, to Hibernaculum, for the winter. Along the way, he gets blown off course, and must finish the journey alone if he hopes to find his mother and his colony again. He meets other kinds of bats along the way, both friend and deadly foe.

I would recommend this book for all ages, probably starting at about eight (depending on reading level) and going to adult. I didn’t discover this book until I was in my twenties, and I loved every page. In fact, I eagerly purchased the next two books in the series, Sunwing and Firewing, when I was finished with this one. Give it a go. You won’t be disappointed.


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