On Nothing In Particular, Part III

One of my best friends bought her wedding dress today! *Squeee!* She looks absolutely amazing in it, and I started crying when I saw the pictures. She said I could blame it on the pregnancy hormones, but I would have cried even without them. She looks stunning. It shows off her fabulous curves, doesn’t make her boobs “look obscene” (her words, not mine), and it’s just everything she should have in a wedding dress. I’m so excited for her, and I can’t wait for the wedding next year. I’ll get to bring my baby to hers like she did to mine! Yay!

Speaking of baby stuff, I had someone ask me the most absurd question today. it went like this:

“I don’t want to sound rude, but did you guys decide to get married because of the baby?”

*insert long, angry pause here*

Yes, person who shall remain nameless, we spent a year and a half planning the perfect wedding because somehow, I just knew that there was going to be a baby by that point. Keep in mind, this is someone who knows us well enough to know when we started planning, who has seen photos of the day, and who still felt the need to ask this question.

This is not a question you ask someone, even if it seems obvious that a baby may be the reason things are happening really fast. You just don’t. My sister-in-law got married the weekend after we did (June 8) and she’s having our niece at the end of September. Did anyone ask her if that’s why the wedding happened so fast? Not that I know of. Does it matter? No. As long as she’s happy, the time frame is her choice.

This goes back to people losing their filter when it comes to a) weddings and b) pregnancy. These two events, while they may seem public to some people, are not an excuse to act like an asshole. I don’t care who you are. If Jesus himself decided to show up and inquire about my baby weight, I’d probably cuss him out.

My answer to the above question was very similar to what I wrote above: “Yes, we picked a date several years ago because, with my psychic foresight, I knew we would be having a baby right now.” That shut them up.

The “buying for baby” has also begun. I’ll admit, I started it, but I saw the perfect stuffed rabbit when we were at Indigo the other day. The Woodland Bunny by Jellycat is perfect! It’s soft, floppy eared and just the right diametre around the neck for gripping. It’s also rated as being good from birth, so baby can cuddle it right away! I’ve looked at them before, but the last gift I bought was an owl. The bunny, I suppose, was being saved for my own little one.

My parents surprised us today by getting a blanky (that came with a matching burp cloth) from Winifred Babies, a local company that makes hand made blankets and baby bedding. They happened to take a wander to one of the fabulous farmer’s markets our city has to offer, and they came home with one of the mink receiving blankets, done in a gorgeous aqua on the mink side, and a black flannel with jungle animals on the other. I absolutely love it! My parents are very aware of how we want to keep things very gender neutral, regardless of what pops out, and this was the perfect choice.

My aunt also texted me today, saying she want to make a blanket for the baby too, so we should let her know when we find out the sex. I was very firm that the sex will not have any effect on our decorating tendencies, and that the baby’s room was going to be a woodland theme. That seemed to suit her just fine, and she said she would keep an eye out for appropriate fabric.

Something about the nesting process as it relates to the impending Tiny Human has made things feel very concrete. I’m sure it’s going to be even more pronounced when we start the purge to make space for the Tiny Human to have it’s own room. Yes, the baby is now moving and rolling around quite a bit, so obviously that makes things feel very real, but buying and getting actual, physical things for this little creature is a bit strange. Good strange, but strange none the less. Have any of you other mums-to-be gotten this feeling when you started buying for baby?

I also tried to go and shop for myself today, but I made the mistake of going to Target in West Edmonton Mall. The whole store was kind of a let down, and I’m not sure if it was just this location, but I was disappointed. The clothing, in particular, was a huge miss for me. The do have a maternity department, but it was woefully small, featured nothing I would consider stylish, and anything I was interested in trying wasn’t in stock in my size. I briefly browsed through the beauty department, and wasn’t wowed with that either. This definitely isn’t somewhere that I would make a special trip to shop at.

I don’t know what happened to the Canadian branches of this store. Target in the US is fabulous. Our Target stores are just embarrassing. I’m really hoping I won’t be as disappointed with Marshalls when it opens.



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