Tucker and Dale VS Evil: A Movie Review

Tyler Levine and Alan Tudyk can usually be counted on to be hilarious, and Tucker and Dale VS Evil is no exception. I would probably classify it as a spoof on B-horror flicks, but it definitely doesn’t earn a B-rating from us. The whole thing was hilarious from start to (predictable) heartwarming finish, and I would definitely recommend it, especially to Alan Tudyk fans.

The pair play a couple of hillbilly brothers who go to their “vacation home” for the weekend to make repairs and drink beers. Unfortunately, they run in to a group of douchey college kids who assume, because of the accents and the clothes, that they must be psycho killers. The results are hilarious, over-the-top gory and a generally good time.

For the genre, we’d give it a solid 8/10. We laughed our asses off the whole time, and I would watch it again. You should watch it too.


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