Local Jazz! Happy Harbor Comics!

We love comic books! Did you know that? If you’ve been reading, you should have some idea that we love comics, manga and graphic novels. It’s a thing with the two of us. In Edmonton, our favourite place to get the goods is Happy Harbor Comics.

A lot of the comic shops in town feel like caves: dark, cramped and full of mysterious corners to explore. While that kind of store has a certain appeal, I much prefer the bright, open and well-organized space that Happy Harbor has to offer. I can always find exactly what I’m looking for, and if I have any trouble, the staff are always super friendly and happy to help.

They have a large gaming section in the back, and frequently host local gaming tournaments, with Magic: The Gathering being prevalent. They also have a large selection of collectibles, toys and other gear, and a huge consignment section in the back corner. The price ranges on items vary, with some being higher and some lower than other stores, but I’ll take a hit of a few bucks to get friendlier service and a better atmosphere.

They also had no problem in us taking over the store for our wedding photos. We had the run of the place for as long as we needed (and they even warned us that they had a MTG tourney coming in at six), and the artist in residence offered to do a pictured for us. Sadly, we didn’t have time. The results we got were awesome, and it was so nice of them to put up with us wandering around the shop and having our way with things. To our credit, we did buy a few books while we were there. I don’t know many other people who buy comics on their wedding day.

If you haven’t checked it out, you should. Located not far from Grant MacEwan downtown, it’s a great place to stop, browse and hang out. You won’t regret it.



2 thoughts on “Local Jazz! Happy Harbor Comics!

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