Professional Photography and Why It’s Worth It

We  decided early on in the wedding planning process that photography was on the top of our priorities list. I have seen bad wedding photography, and it was not something I wanted. What is the point in getting pro pictures taken if you look back on them and hate the images? We also knew that just because you were paying a lot, didn’t mean you were going to get good images. My sister-in-law, for her first wedding, paid a sizable amount for her wedding pictures, and she wasn’t happy with the results. That’s not something we wanted.

However, most of the web portfolios we looked at were not wowing us. The were over-processed. They weren’t processed enough. The were too posed, and nothing original was being done. I don’t even remember how many photographers we looked at online, but it started to seem like it was a hopeless cause. We were going to get stuck with inferior wedding photos because we just couldn’t find someone we liked.

That’s when I came across the website for Kelly Redinger. I liked what I saw from the first image, and the way he wrote about himself and his style of photography had me hooked. Shawn pretty much felt the same way, and I think we were both decided before we even went in to the meeting. After the meeting (a large portion of which was spent talking about books, and had nothing to do with photography or weddings at all), we knew we had found our guy, and we were excited to get started.

I’m not used to having someone follow me around and take pictures all day. I don’t think many people are, but when we went out for our engagement shoot, it didn’t take long for Kelly to have us feeling right at home in front of the camera. We got some great pictures, and I didn’t have any hesitation about what was to come for the wedding.

We were not disappointed. We just got the photos back today, and I’m blown away! Why did they turn our so well? Here are my thoughts:

  • Kelly’s style was what we were looking for, so we didn’t have to fight or push for what we wanted. He already knew what would work and he knew we would be open to anything.
  • He works with a second shooter, so we got all the shots we wanted without having to rush ourselves at any point.
  • Everything we wanted from a wedding package was already included when we talked to him. I hate negotiating, and I didn’t have to do it.
  • Our personalities mesh on a lot of levels. If you’re comfortable with your photographer outside of shooting, the pictures are going to be a million times better.
  • He knows how to edit. We got some stuff that is in black and white, regular colour and filtered, and none of it looks over done. It’s all perfect.
  • He didn’t think our offbeat wedding was out to lunch, at all. Having your vendors on your side is a huge win.

If photography is a priority for you, don’t compromise. We shifted other things in our budget to be able to get exactly what we wanted, and I don’t regret it a bit. Take a look at some of the amazing things he did for us:

081-Bethany-Shawn-4054 101-Bethany-Shawn-4141 103-Bethany-Shawn-3005 124-Bethany-Shawn-4183 140-Bethany-Shawn-0503 155-Bethany-Shawn-0601 249-Bethany-Shawn-0901 329-Bethany-Shawn-1062 331-Bethany-Shawn-1070 335-Bethany-Shawn-1094 346-Bethany-Shawn-3561 365-Bethany-Shawn-1230 371-Bethany-Shawn-1264 401-Bethany-Shawn-1433 419-Bethany-Shawn-1571 440-Bethany-Shawn-1629 465-Bethany-Shawn-3713 475-Bethany-Shawn-3764 477-Bethany-Shawn-3773 506-Bethany-Shawn-4833 563-Bethany-Shawn-2237 582-Bethany-Shawn-2344 590-Bethany-Shawn-2403


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