On Getting Awesome Candid Wedding Photos from Friends!

Getting all the photos that people took at our wedding has been like pulling teeth; pulling teeth that don’t exist. We had a section in our wedding program asking people not to post any photos to social media sites without our consent. There were various reasons for this, one being that we didn’t want our wedding shared with the whole world until we were ready to share it. We also didn’t want a bunch of horrible pictures being posted, and there are certain people that we don’t want to see the pictures at all. We also, in the same section, asked people to please send us copies of any pictures they had taken, as we planned on compiling a Facebook album of all the shots once we had them.

For the longest time, the only pictures I got from anyone were the ones my mum had taken, and the ones from Shawn’s mom’s camera that were taken by his little cousin. I know tons of people were taking pictures, so this was a little disappointing. Some of the best candid shots can come from guests, so I was hoping for a lot more to be e-mailed to me. A few of Shawn’s cousins put pictures up on Facebook, though. One had no problem taking them down until the professional pictures come back and the other (who was not my favourite person to begin with), put them in a private album for us to view and pretty much refused to send us copies. I still haven’t given her permission to post them publicly, as most of them are of her kid and there are a few I don’t want posted at all. That’s a conversation I get the pleasure of having later.

I finally decided to harass one of my bridesmaids for her pictures. I knew she had a ton of them, and she’s a really good photographer, so I sent her a message. It was part birthday message (I missed calling her on her birthday because I’ve been so sick), part I miss you message (she lives in Tennessee), and part plea for pictures. Lucky me, she started sending them the next day, and now I get to share what she’s sent so far with you guys!


After the getting ready, but before the dress went on. I was wearing a borrowed sweater, because I forgot to bring something of my own that opened down the front. Genius, I know.


An alternate angle from what the photographer was getting, but still absolutely gorgeous (if I can say that without sounding full of myself). This was after we were all dressed and ready, but before we left for the venue.


My lovely ‘maids! I couldn’t have asked for better people to be with me the whole day.


The three of us (Cynthia, Eve and me). I must say, we co-ordinated with each other rather well.


Cynthia with Tina, a good friend and our old boss at Eddie Bauer.


Eve with Tina and Cynthia. Technically, all these lovely ladies are my former bosses. They are also all awesome.


Cynthia with Richard (another former boss) and his husband Neil (with the mustache).


Another cake cutting photo. Cutting that work of art really did pain me a little bit.


Cynthia with my lovely mum!


Getting our first dance on, to “(If You’re Wondering if I Want You To) I Want You To” by Weezer. It is an excellent swing dancing song, and very appropriate for our relationship.


Eve and her fabulous husband, Aaron.


Getting our dance on with one of our smaller guests (and my best friend’s little guy).

There will be more to come. Like most brides who are proud of how their weddings went down, I love showing people pictures. We get to view the professional photos for the first time of Tuesday! I can’t wait!



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