Zombie Dice: A Game Review

Sometimes, when you’re having a games night, it’s nice to have something quick and easy that you can play between the hours long, more complex games. It’s also nice to have a smaller, more portable game that you can carry around in your purse for gaming emergencies. Long line at the movies? Waiting for your food while out to eat? Grab Zombie Dice, and you’ll never be bored again.

Designed by Steve Jackson and illustrated by Alex Fernandez, Zombie Dice is exactly what you’d expect: a dice game involving zombies. In this case, you are the zombie, and your goal is to eat thirteen brains before the other zombies (or other players) can. To do this, you take three dice out of the cup and give them a roll. There are three possible rolls: brain, which is good; shotgun to the face, which is bad; and runner, which means the person you were trying to eat got away. You can rolls as many times as you like… until you get three shot guns to the face. If that happens, you lose all the brains you’ve eaten so far and your turn is over. Alternately, if you have a ton of brains, you can end your turn at any time and hang on to the delicious brains you’ve eaten.

There are three die colours: red, yellow and green. Think of them like traffic lights. The green die has the most brains and least shot guns, with the ratio flipping as you go through yellow and red. Red dice are most likely to give you a shot gun to the face, and rolling three of them on a hand is always a gamble.

So, what about the runners? If you roll one or more runners on your turn, and you choose to keep going, those dice go back in to your hand, and you fill it back out to three from the cup. Those runners can either turn in to brains for you… or a shot gun to the face.

No matter how many people you play with (two or more) the game takes between 10 and 20 minutes to finish, and it’s really easy to learn. It’s one of those things, like I mentioned above, that I carry around with me (alternating with Cthulu Dice) for those times when dicking around with our phones during a wait just isn’t enough. We have played when we’re out to eat, waiting in line or just because we felt like it.

It’s fun, it’s fast, it’s easy to learn, and you get to be the one eating the brains. How can you go wrong with that? If you like dice games and you’re looking for something a little faster to add to your collection, give this a shot. You can rarely go wrong with a Steve Jackson game.


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