Octopus Pie: A Webcomic Review

I had a lot of options when I started thinking about today’s comic post, but I decided to take the easy route and link it back to last week. We’re going to talk about Octopus Pie by the lovely and uber talented Meredith Gran. If you are following along, she also wrote and illustrated Marceline and the Scream Queens, which we talked about last week.

The series is set in NYC, and focuses on two girls and their inevitable problems and adventures. I really dig the art, which reminds a little bit of Scott Pilgrim, but with enough originality to be recognizable all on it’s own. The story is also really strong, and has a lot of character growth and is very easy to relate to (if you’re a city girl, no matter which city you hail from, you’re going to find something special in at least one of the story arcs. Trust me.)

Check it out from the beginning. It’s well worth the read. I also suggest taking a look at the Octopus Pie merch at topatoco.


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