Sunday Feature: Sh*t I Love! IV Fluids!

(Due to a massive migraine attack that is going in to its fourth day, there was no regular Sunday life-bits blog. I apologize. This, however, is the post that would have appeared for the Sunday feature yesterday.)

When you have a chronic illness that can involve vomiting and subsequent dehydration, coupled with a pregnancy that is causing more of the same, IV fluids are seriously your best friend. There have been days where I haven’t been able to keep water down, let alone anything with sugar or electrolytes in it, and having a shot of something straight to the veins is a life saver.

photo (51)Be it a banana bag, regular saline or something with a touch of glucose in it like I got today, it can make the difference between getting a worse migraine and feeling well enough to sit up and do something productive, like write a blog post. That’s the way it went for me this weekend. Nothing, absolutely nothing, was working until I had a drip hooked up to my arm to get some hydration back in my system. The pain still isn’t entirely gone, and I may still puke a few more times before bed, but the difference between how I was feeling last night and how I’m feeling now are very different.

If you’ve never tried IV fluids for pain management, give it a go. At best, it will help. At worst, you’ll have to pee a whole lot after the bag is empty.


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