Tron Uprising: A TV Review

Having always been a fan of the TRON universe, I was excited to see TRON: Uprising on Netflix. Now, Shawn and I both love cartoons, but I’m always leery of anything based on movies, books and comics. They tend to fall in to one of two categories: awesome or bloody awful. Occasionally, you get something that falls in the middle, but in my experience, things tend to wind up closer to the extreme ends.


Luckily for us, this animated series turned out to be awesome. Elijah Wood’s voice acting as main character “Beck” was great, and he managed to change his voice just enough between this character and his alter ego, “The Renegade”, to make them different yet still recognizable as the same person. I see a lot of Wood’s face in Beck’s character art, but that could just be because I find his voice so familiar.


The rest of the voice acting was no less impressive. From Tricia Helfer voicing The Grid, Paul Ruebens doing an extremely creepy job as Pavel, Mandy Moore as spunky Mara or Lance Henriksen as Tesler, I can’t find anything to fault in this cast.

The story, which takes place between the original TRON movie and TRON: Legacy is solid. Character development is strong, with even the more established characters seeing growth throughout. The real star of the show, however, is the stellar animation and art style.

For me, it falls somewhere between 3-D graphics and cell shading, which combine to make one hell of a visual feast. The mostly dark world is accented beautifully by the lightbikes and accents on the programs’ various suits. And the fight sequences? I haven’t seen fights like that, anywhere, in a while. Not only are they dynamic and fun to watch, but they come off as believable. There are a few instances where the use of “bullet time” is a little heavy, but it suits the type of fight for which it’s used.

Over all, this was a huge win for both of us, and we give it a solid 5/5. Whether you’re new to the TRON story or not, give this a watch. We zipped through all 19 episodes in just under three days, and we’re eagerly hoping more seasons are in the works.


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