Tuesday Feature: Comics!

I love comics in all forms. I actually used to have a huge “newspaper” I’d made from collecting the comic section in the Sunday paper. I moved on from there to Archie digest books, and slowly expanded my horizons by grabbing whatever was on the shelf that had the most bitchin’ cover.

Right now, I’m luck enough to have two of my favourite things, comics and cartoons, collide. Today, we’re talking about “Marceline and the Scream Queens”.


This really is an awesome book. The art and writing are both great, but how could they not be? This book was done by Meredith Gran, the brains behind one of my favourite web comics, Octopus Pie. Her art and writing style really meshes with Marceline and her merry band of musicians.

I also love the mini “guest comic” at the end of each issue, and having a summary of the complete range of covers in the back of the volume is a huge bonus. Shawn and I usually need to restrain ourselves when it comes to buying variant covers. It’s a weakness, and there’s so much awesome art out there.

For any fans of Adventure Time, Octopus Pie, the character of Marceline, or Kaboom! comics in general, this is definitely worth a look. I give the entire volume a 4/5. The are and story are solid, but I found it wasn’t quite as funny as some of the other books in the Adventure Time collection. Still well worth the read!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Feature: Comics!

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